We recognize that home-based care requires specific supports and resources that differ from other types of care and have created this space to acknowledge and celebrate the unique care that home-based child care programs provide to Delaware children and families.

DIEEC staff work with family child educators to drive continuous quality improvement toward quality early learning experiences for children. Our staff are available to support you through a cycle of reflecting on current and desired practices, identifying strengths and areas for growth, and selecting strategies and resources to support reaching your specified goal. 

2023 1st State family Child Care Conference Wrap-up

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FCC Networks

DIEEC is launching FCC Networks as a strategy to address your needs for services, in addition to collectively working on quality improvement.

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group of family child care providers sitting and smiling while talking at a community of practice

Community of Practice

Join a group of your peers to share, learn and support each other.

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Shining the Light on You

Professional development initiative focused on improving your health and wellbeing.

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Professional Learning Experience (PLE) Cohorts

Learn and connect with your peers.

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