A classroom observation is an opportunity to select an observation tool related to your goals and receive feedback in areas such as teacher-child interactions, peer-to-peer interactions, the physical program environment (indoors and outdoors), and more. Observations can help educators move through their continuous quality journey using a reflective and intentional approach.  Check out our Guiding Principles to learn more about our observation approach.

If you’re a program administrator or family child care educator who would like to request a classroom observation, please select an observation tool and how you’d like to proceed with the observation. 

Request forms must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of when you would like to schedule. Licensed child care programs are eligible to receive one observation package annually. DIEEC will contact you to schedule after you submit your request.

The observation tools are able to provide insight into your environment. Observation feedback and coaching can be used to enhance the quality of your early care and education setting. Select one of the following:

  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)  assesses teaching quality through the lens of interactions 
  • Assessing the Classroom Sociocultural Equity Scale (ACSES) assesses teacher-student interactions with a focus on racial equity, providing an overall view of what the learning environment is like for racially and ethnically diverse children
  • Climate of Healthy Interactions for Learning & Development (CHILD) captures the mental health climate of a learning environment with an equitable treatment lens

Every educator and program has specific goals. To meet your needs, there are three options to select from at the time of the observation request:

1. Professional Learning Experiences (PLEs) with in-person observations and live coaching feedback: includes quality assured PLEs delivered on-site, observation by a trained DIEEC observer, and follow-up coaching session(s).

* Please note, at this time, on-site PLEs are reserved for state-funded programs focusing on Implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD; we are currently unable to accommodate on-site PLE requests as part of our observation and coaching supports.

2. In-person observations and live coaching feedback: includes a full observation by a trained DIEEC observer, followed by coaching session(s).

3. Virtual mini, targeted observation with virtual written feedback via Coaching Companion: includes a video observation and coaching feedback by a trained DIEEC observer using Coaching Companion. The virtual mini, targeted observation focuses on specific dimensions of the selected tool.