Delaware continues to support the early childhood community and the educators who teach, guide, and nurture our young children. If you previously expressed interest in joining a CDA portfolio preparation cohort, we encourage you to visit the Early Childhood Innovation Center (ECIC)’s website and join their email list to stay updated with all necessary information you need to start (or continue) your CDA journey.

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Take a closer look at DIEEC’s journey with CDA professional portfolio preparation cohorts.

The following document includes “why” this credential is so important in your career development.

Why CDA?
¿Por que CDA?

Invest in your professional development by learning effective teaching practices in early childhood education. By completing the following steps, you will get all the support you need to receive your CDA.

What providers are saying:

“I have been in childcare since 1999 and have always wanted to earn my CDA. When the opportunity presented itself, I quickly jumped on board. Although it requires great commitment, the support we receive from each other in the cohort is tremendous. I can sense the dedication of my colleagues and instructors, and I am motivated to get my work completed. The teachers have confidence in our abilities and encourage us along the way. Even though I have been in early childhood education for many years, I have learned new information that will enable me to be a better teacher/director. Several of my staff have enrolled, and it is wonderful to see how they are supporting each other. I highly recommend a cohort experience to anyone who wants to earn their CDA.”

– Mica Jackson, director of applications for Brandywine Childcare and Preschool


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To learn more about the CDA, please visit the Council for Professional Recognition website.