The Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC) offers a range of professional learning experiences (PLEs). PLEs include two parts – a workshop session or series of workshop sessions and a follow-up component to support implementation.

Follow-up activities may be a group or individual experience and are designed to support you in reflection and consideration of how you may want to move forward in your own program.

To register, visit the DIEEC PLE registry or reach out to Kristy Smith via phone call at 302.650.7827 or by email:

PLUS: Practice Learning with Us

Either group or individual sessions for coaching or to talk about implementation.

In-Person (Live)

These PLEs are in person at specific locations, dates and times.

Virtual (Live)

These PLEs are held on Zoom on specific dates and times.

Self Paced

These PLEs are completed on your schedule and instructors give you written feedback.


This experience is delivered in a combination of two or
more formats. (in-person, virtual or self-paced)

DIEEC’s professional learning experiences provide early childhood professionals with the most relevant, research-based training, so every early childhood professional is equipped with the skills necessary to teach and care for young children.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive!

Visit the professional learning experience website to register and reserve your spot today for upcoming offerings.

Not sure which PLE offering is right for you? Let your DIEEC technical assistant help you. We’re here to support you every step of the way.