On-Site Learning:

DIEEC is available to deliver one on-site professional learning experience per child care program during one year. Request forms must be submitted at least 60 days in advance at which time we will contact to schedule your on-site training. 

Policies and procedures regarding dates, times and topics can be found on the on-site training request form. Please be advised that there is currently no fee for on-site professional learning experiences. Carefully plan in advance and choose topics that will benefit all teaching staff. 

To learn more about available professional learning experiences for on-site opportunities, please review our on-site training request form (linked above).

Online Learning:

DEPDNow online trainings are another way to earn quality assured training hours. These trainings are free – with a few exceptions – and can be accessed on a computer, iPad, or smartphone. Click here to access the most current list of available DEPDNow online training opportunities.

Only trainings accessed through our DIEEC registry count for quality assured hours. Make sure you login prior to registering for online trainings. Do you need some help with the process? See the online training tip sheet.

Online School Age Training Series:

We have replaced the face-to-face school age training package with this self-paced series that allows you to complete interactive online trainings anytime, anywhere. 

These trainings can be purchased as a bundle (all 70 hours and must be completed within one year of purchase), or as individual 14, 16 or 18 hour modules (School Age: Youth Development, School Age: Social Emotional Wellness, School Age: Learning Environment and Curriculum, and School Age: Family and Community Partnerships). Additional courses for directors are available. Bundles are $70 and modules are $45 ($55 for the director’s series).

Click here to access the school age training series. Simply click on the training in which you are interested, enter your username and password (the same as your registry login information) and then finalize your training selections. Make sure you login prior to registering for online trainings.

The school age training is not to be taken as individual courses and should only be taken as a bundle/module. To receive credit on your transcript, you must complete the total hours in each bundle. Taking individual courses out of sequence, not within a bundle, will not be recorded on your transcript.