Active and appropriate supervision is vital to keep children safe. You need to know the ratios and group sizes for your program type. Remember, maintaining safe ratios and group sizes helps prevent educators from being overwhelmed and keeps supervision manageable.  Check out this video and quick quiz to learn more. 

1. Watch this video: Large Family Child Care Ratios

2. Knowledge Check! Take this quiz!

3. Keep minimum ratios handy- These are required by The Department of Education’s Office of Child Care Licensing.

Print this chart

See OCCL regulations for more detailed information. 

4. Try this handy Ratio Worksheet to help you understand how the ages of the children in your program fit for your specific program type.

Remember: Active supervision is your main responsibility. Maintaining the correct ratios and group size for the number of staff present is an important piece of being able to actively supervise the children in your program. Reach out to colleagues for support if you need it! You can do it!