Handwashing is a regular routine that keeps children, staff, and their families safe and healthy. We spend lots of time handwashing – to reap the benefits, it is important to handwash at the correct times in the correct way. Push it further: making handwashing a learning opportunity is an effective use of time and keeps it engaging for children.

1. Watch the video: Handwashing – Make sure to watch to the end of the video to test your knowledge. Don’t forget to click “submit” to see how you did!

2. Searching for new ideas on how to share the importance of handwashing with families and children? Check out this article and printable handwashing posters from the CDC to use in your classroom! 

3. Wash your hands with Elmo: Sesame Street: Washy Wash Song | How to Wash Your Hands

Thorough handwashing reduces the risk you and the children in your care get sick. Let’s keep our programs and each other healthy! Remember when and how to wash hands. As the CDC says: A Healthy Future is in Your Hands