In order to receive payment, programs must be a vendor with the state.

If you have not received payments from any Delaware state agency in the past (or if it has been over a year), you will need to get set up as a vendor.

You will need the following documents/information before you begin:

  • Center’s Tax Payer ID
  • 1099 Witholding Type
  • Contact name/address

Click here to visit the DHSS website for more information on Purchase of Care.

Complete the form online and click the “submit” button at the end.

Note: An electronic signature will be required to submit so the individual completing the form should be in a position of authority for the center/organization.

Tiered reimbursement will provide on-going financial support for programs as they work on continuous quality improvement.

To help a program estimate what the possible state supplement reimbursement rates could be, please review the Excel Spreadsheets with built-in formulas to allow estimations of additional funding support that might be available through the tiered reimbursement process. Reimbursement rates are listed at the bottom of this page. The spreadsheets are divided by county and program type. Please review the instructions sheet first.

For questions related to Tiered Reimbursement contact the Office of Early Learning, at 302-735-4295.


New Castle County: Child Care Center
New Castle County: Family Child Care
Kent County: Child Care Center
Kent County: Family Child Care
Sussex County: Child Care Center
Sussex County: Family Child Care

Stars Tiered Reimbursement Rates

*Click here for a printable version

(breakdown chart images to go here once received)

2021-2022 Tiered Reimbursement Agreement

Tiered Reimbursement payments are made monthly.  Tier rates go into effect for the first full month following a Star Level change.  For example, if a Star Level 4 is awarded on September 16, the program would begin receiving Star Level 4 tiered reimbursement payments for attendance that occurred in the month of October (which is reported in November and for which payments are released in December).

Tiered reimbursement is a separate payment to programs.

All inquiries related to tiered reimbursement should be sent to