As the family child care provider, you are responsible for keeping the children in your program safe. Running monthly fire drills is one way to do this. Check out this video and quick quiz to learn more.

1. Watch this video: Monthly Fire Drills

2. Knowledge Check! Take this quiz!

3. Use this Monthly Fire Prevention Inspection Checklist to check that your program is free of any fire hazards and to document your monthly fire drill.

See OCCL regulations for more detailed information.

4. Print these Primary and Secondary Exit Signs to place on your emergency exits.

5. Use this Pre/Post Monthly Fire Drill Checklist to plan for upcoming drills and reflect on your monthly drill.

Remember: Fire drills are important to practice every month. Planning and preparing for emergencies will help you, your staff, and your children know how to react in the event of an actual fire. Reach out to colleagues for support if you need it! You can do it!