Keeping kids active will help them stay healthy and help them grow.  You may even find that children have an easier time resolving conflicts and are generally happier when they get enough physical activity.  Remember, even if weather or space do not permit outdoor play, teachers are still required to provide opportunities for vigorous movement throughout the day. When outside with the children, be present and engage with them in play.  Check out this video, quick quiz, and activities to learn more.

1. Watch the video: Physical Activity

2. Knowledge check: Take the quiz!

3. Searching for new ideas on how to share the importance of physical activity with families? Check out the article by Nemours Children’s Health, “Get Kids Moving”, as well as this Get Moving Today Activity Calendar by Healthy South Dakota.

4. Try out one of these activities with your class today:

Moving Motions – Use for Brain Breaks, Motion Counting, Circle Time and More!

Dancing Spinner – from Nemours

Remember, the more they burn, the more they learn! Take steps to ensure children are getting regular physical activity – we know you will do great!