Adjusting from school life to home can be challenging for children, families, and teachers.  For many children, transitioning at the end of the day may be frustrating, confusing, or may provoke anxiety. These feelings and accompanying behaviors are normal for young children. Family members who pick up children may be stressed during this transition time as well. Prepared educators can consider children’s needs and abilities to plan warm departures and connect professionally with their grown-ups. How can you make afternoons go more smoothly for all involved? Let’s find out!

1. Watch the Video: Departures

Make sure to watch to the end of the video to test your knowledge. Don’t forget to click “submit” to see how you did!

2. Consider a consistent cue to signal children it’s the end of the day. Here are some great examples from Consicious Discipline.

3. Print out this goodbye rhyme.  Make it into a book to read with the children at the end of the day! 

Your goodbye ritual sends each child off with the message, “You are valued. I’m glad you were here today.” Focusing on connecting with children at the end of the day models the warm behavior we want to promote. Telling the caregiver a one helpful or kind thing their child did during the day encourages positivity and the building of strengths.

When early childhood educators and family members collaborate, everyone wins! A warm good bye to both children and their family is an important part of your job. You’re doing great- Don’t forget to celebrate!