To receive access to a Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) account, the following steps must be completed:

  • One administrator AND one educator from each age group in the program attend the Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold training. *You can register for this PD at
  • All remaining staff who will use TSG (lead teaching staff in each classroom, at minimum), watch the TS Gold Orientation Video.

Once your program has met each of the above requirements, please complete the TSG Access Form and follow the directions on the form to submit it.

Every Delaware Stars program that completes the above requirements will receive one program copy of the Objectives for Development and Learning (ODL). If your program has not already received their one program copy, please complete the ODL Request form to request it.

We are here to help! DIEEC can support you with Teaching Strategies Gold Implementation. If you are interested in setting up a time to talk about the supports that are available, please reach out to Jen Potts by email at  or by phone at 302-650-7827.