We are offering professional learning experiences that are delivered in various formats to meet your needs. All our professional learning experiences include a continuum of learning and support activities.

PLUS: Practice Learning with Us

Either group or individual sessions for coaching or to talk
about implementation.

In-Person (Live)

These PLEs are in person at specific locations, dates and times.

Virtual (Live)

These PLEs are held on Zoom on specific dates and times.


These PLEs offer you a choice, you can attend virtually on Zoom or in-person, on specific dates and times

Self Paced

These PLEs are completed on your schedule and instructors give
you written feedback.


This experience is delivered in a combination of two or
more formats. (in-person, virtual or self-paced)

DIEEC’s professional learning experiences provide early childhood professionals with the most relevant, research-based training, so every early childhood professional is equipped with the skills necessary to teach and care for young children.

Visit the professional development website to register for upcoming trainings.