Career Advisement

Career Advisement

Expand Your Horizons In The Early Care & Education Field

Career Advisement…It’s For Everyone!

Career planning is a lifelong process which includes many components such as choosing an occupation, acquiring the necessary skills and education needed to perform your job and growing in your profession.

Recently, changes have occurred in the Early Care and Education field in Delaware. Advisers are available to assist you in understanding these changes. Career advisement is a free service of the Delaware First Professional Development System. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a plan for your professional development!

Career advisement can help you:

  1. Evaluate
    Review your trainings, education and job experience to see how it fits into the Delaware First system.
  2. Explore
    There are professional development opportunities and scholarships available for higher education. Which one is right for you?
  3. Execute
    Create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

For more information, call (302) 764-1500.

Career Lattice

Delaware’s Early Childhood Career Lattice was developed as a cross sector tool used to assist early childhood professionals in career planning, as a link to Individual Professional Development Plans, as a workforce recruitment tool and as a component in Delaware Stars for Early Success standards for qualifications. The Educational Steps are based on Licensing Rules and quality standards. Each Step has examples of early childhood positions that are aligned with the educational requirements. This is not an exhaustive list, but a guide to be used as early childhood professionals are looking for position options. The positions listed in Italics are not considered direct care and education for children and thus may require additional training outside of early childhood.

Professional Development Plans

Professional development opportunities provide new knowledge and a chance to share ideas, network with peers, visit other early childhood programs and reinforce what you are doing well. Take advantage of planning your professional development in advance. DIEEC has developed an Individual Professional Development Plan form that helps organize your training and education based upon your needs and desires. Some questions to reflect on include:

  • What is your Qualification goal? (for example, you may be an Assistant Teacher now and your goal is to become qualified as a Teacher)
  • What training/education topics are you interested in? (for example, you may be interested in science)
  • What training/education topics would help you in your program? (for example, you may benefit from some behavior or social emotional development topics while looking for some new classroom strategies)
  • What training/education would help you achieve higher scores using a tool such as ITERS-R, ECERS-R, SACERS or FCCERS-R? (for example, you may be looking at increasing your score in the block area)
  • What training/education is required by regulations? (for example, you may need to renew your CPR certification)

Early Care and Education and School-Age Centers may find it helpful to use the Facility Professional Development Plan form to plan training for their entire staff.

For questions or support as you develop your Professional Development Plan, visit or call 302-831-3239.”

Verification of Qualifications Review Process

The Delaware First Professional Development System, a unit of the Department of Education, will process applications for qualifications for the Office of Child Care Licensing and verify that each individual has the appropriate training, education and experience requirements to qualify for a specific one of the new early care and education and school-age positions listed below.

Early Care & Education Positions
Early Childhood Administrator
Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator
Early Childhood Teacher
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
Early Childhood Intern

School-Age Positions
School-Age Administrator
School-Age Site Coordinator
School-Age Site Assistant
School-Age Intern

When an individual believes that he or she is fully qualified for one of these specific positions, a Qualification Application should be filled out for that position. The process will be as follows:

  • Applicant reviews requirements of positions.
  • Applicant selects the position they qualify for, fills out and signs the appropriate form.
  • Applicant collects copies of transcripts, diplomas and training certificates to document training and education to meet the specific qualifications.
  • Applicant makes a copy of driver’s license or picture ID and proof of age to meet qualifications.
  • Applicant collects signed copies of verification of employment form to document experience to meet qualifications.
  • Applicant mails form and all documents to:

Delaware First
Department of Education
Townsend Building
401 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901
(Faxes will not be accepted)

Once an individual has been determined to qualify for one of these specific positions, they will receive a Certificate of Qualifications for that position and will not need to submit any further documentation even if they change employers. Each individual will be responsible for keeping and maintaining their Certificate of Qualifications. This is an important document that anyone employed or seeking employment at a licensed early care and education or school-age center in Delaware will be asked to provide as proof of their qualifications for employment.

For more information, visit the Delaware Practitioners in Early Childhood (DPEC) website at