Content areas: Families & Communities (5 hrs) and Observation & Assessment (5hrs)

Total hrs: 10 hrs

Level 3 Professional Development

KIPS eLearning©: Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale

Cost: $135

The Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale© (KIPS) is a structured observation tool to assess parenting behaviors that promote children’s development. A field test and validation studies, supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, show satisfactory inter-rater agreement, internal consistency and validity. Family service providers can use KIPS to guide a parent to more nurturing parenting. By aggregating KIPS results, programs can evaluate parenting outcomes.

KIPS elearning screenKIPS eLearning© offers easy access to KIPS training on the Internet. Learners schedule this interactive training program at their own convenience and learn at their own pace. KIPS eLearning© requires a PC computer with a broadband connection to the Internet. The online training model was developed with funding from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

An expert guides the learner to understand parenting assessment and assess parenting behaviors by using examples presented in streaming video of parent-child play sessions.

Procedures for scoring each of the 12 KIPS items are discussed with slides and videos of diverse caregivers and children to guide understanding of item definitions and ratings with behavior descriptions.

Practice ratings incorporated throughout the training encourage learners to evaluate their knowledge and progress in using the KIPS ratings reliably. Immediate feedback is a powerful feature of the system that promotes the development of competency. KIPS eLearning© also engages Learners in online polls that tally responses immediately online, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with video responses, and e-mail access to expert parenting and technical supports. Learners become certified to use KIPS by passing an exam to demonstrate scoring competence.

KIPS elearning screen with babyThe online KIPS Library that accompanies the training program offers ongoing resources for implementation and support for scoring practice via a searchable database of caregiver and child characteristics, accompanied by scoring discussion for each play video. A one year subscription to the library is provided along with the KIPS eLearning© subscription.

KIPS eLearning© Objectives:

  1. Discuss the benefits of promoting nurturing parent-child relations.
  2. List the value of observationalparenting assessments.
  3. Discuss how parenting assessment can be used in family services.
  4. Describe the 12 KIPS items.
  5. Correctly identify examples of the 12 KIPS parenting behaviors in videos.
  6. Demonstrate 80% agreement with expert ratings when using KIPS to rate the quality of parenting behaviors on the certification exam.

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